Running with the sub-3s: redux (Read 390 times)

Interval Junkie --Nobby

    To be fair, my normal diet is high on carbs: when my wife is away I basically eat supermarket sushi for lunch and ravioli for dinner . . . every day.  Harris Teeter (local grocery) had a 2-for-1 on ravioli.  I cleaned them out.  You know how the cashier reads how much you saved?  "You saved 92 dollars and 23 cents."


    I have no idea if this really affected the race at all.


    Re: heavy shoes -- I noticed in my practice run that my ankle was spending lots of energy stabilizing my foot.  So, I figured it was better to spend the energy toting along a few grams instead.  I'm really happy I made this decision.  My other two marathons I wore those light-weight racers . . . and got a huge blister in the same spot (though, I don't really care about that).

    2016 Goals: Lose the 10lbs I gained for not having goals