My 1st Half Marathon! (Read 143 times)


    Last Sunday I ran my first 13.1 in the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and crossing a major item off of my bucket list!  I have to say that training and racing now is even more important to me than before.  I thought the desire to race would dim after finally accomplishing the Princess Half, but in fact, it's made me want to be better.  Lose weight, get stronger, move faster,...and getting the bling is pretty darn cool to me.

    I also have to brag on my family.  My mom walked (she has a bum knee) her very first 5K last week, and my dad regrets that he didn't do it with her.  I'm going to try and get him to do one with mom in the future.  Then, there are my two little boys.  My oldest is 3 and my youngest is 2, and they ran (accompanied) in the Disney Kid's 100 meter race.  This proud mama is going to shadow box their finisher medals, bibs, and their finish line photos very soon.

      Congrats on the half marathon and welcome to your new favorite addiction! It's great that your getting the family involved too!

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        Congratulations Diane!  You have lots to look forward to for yourself and your family!

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

          Congratulations!  How did the race go for you?  Did you feel prepared?  Was it harder or easier than expected?  Did you run alone or with friends?

          Just B.S.

            Diane that is awesome, congrats! Love that you had the family there.


            I ran that race last year with a friend for her 50th bday. Turns out it ended up being

            My 25 th half and a chance to escape winter for a bit.


            Its a great race for a gal to celebrate any kind of milestone.


            Here's to many more races in your future!

              Diane,  that's a great story.  love it!

                Congrats! There is nothing more rewarding(at least to me), than seeing the kiddos participate. Although my children are grown, I have grand kids that run with me occasionally, and I do the same shadow boxing for them.

                  Yay! Kudos on creating a new life.

                  I hope you enjoy this for a long time. 

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                    WTG. Enjoy the wave(runs).

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