Paul Ryan Says He’s Run Sub-3:00 Marathon (Read 1923 times)

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    That must be my Athlinks PR.  Somewhere, buried deep in results sheets, there is something faster...I hope.


    No. Dude. It is your results here in RunningAhead. Two whole clicks away... Smile

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      Time flies, my friend.  Soon, he'll be off to college, and all you'll get (if you're lucky) is a text message every now and then.  Enjoy every minute of every day!


      Yeah but then they graduate and move back in.


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          Dude.  My first little baby is almost too big to pick up anymore and I'm teaching her to read.  Seems like a couple months ago she was so small the preemie clothes fell off her.  Sniff.


          Yep, amazing how time flies.  My sub 2#'er just finished his 1st week at university.  Flashes of premie clothes and intubation and nostril oxygen flashed through my mind after I dropped him off and said goodbye.

          Listening to the little one is much better than listening to / reading this thread.

          Back to drywall (honey do list) work for me.

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            A lot of people run marathons just to finish - I doubt a lot of the people I know who've done so even remotely remember their times.  Certainly not if it happened over 20 years ago.

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              A lot of people run marathons just to finish - I doubt a lot of the people I know who've done so even remotely remember their times.  Certainly not if it happened over 20 years ago.


              Perhaps true.  But those people also don't brag that they were fast back in the day.

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                  Even though I love it when republicans are caught saying big lies, I am willing give Ryan the benefit of the doubt and I assume he just misspoke.  1990 was before chips and I am willing to assume that it took him a couple minutes to cross the starting line at Grandmas and so his "net time" would have been just a little under four hours.  I am willing to assume that he misspoke when he said "Under three, high twos. I had a two hour and fifty-something" he meant  "Under four, high threes. I had a three hour and fifty-something." After all, it was a long time ago and he probably doesn't talk about it a lot.  The last line on the the subject in the interview "I was fast when I was younger, yeah" does make him sound like an arrogant jerk however.


                  I assume he will state a number of other baldfaced lies in the campaign and I will let this one go.

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                    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.


                      A lot of people run marathons just to finish - I doubt a lot of the people I know who've done so even remotely remember their times.  Certainly not if it happened over 20 years ago.


                      Umm...Yeah, now it hasn't been 20 years yet...but I remember my first marathon. I did it "just to finish" with my sister who barely ran more then 20 miles a week. We finished in 5:29:56 and I will NEVER forget that time! We wanted to beat 5:30 and she sprinted past me in the last 500 yds, but being the older sister I had to stick my chest out and beat her by a second in the end! I will never forget that race, even though I'm training for 2 more marathons coming up.


                      I'm not fast, I'm not even close to tops in my AG for distances over a 5K, but when I saw the wishy-washy sub-3 marathon time...I knew it was BS. and insulting. I know some have more natural talent and don't have to work as hard for a 4 hour marathon, but I'm busting my ass to try and get one in December. The fact that he just threw that time out there makes me feel angry and his apology doesn't do it justice.


                      But...I'm a Democrat. Who likes truthisms Smile




                        The funniest thing is my husband is like why is THIS the lie you get pissed about?  Wink


                        ahhhh...good times. Politics are so F'ed.

                          It is interesting to me that Ryan believes he was fast while younger.  In reality his "fast" was slower than Sarah Palin as a masters runner. 

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                            I hadn't heard about this until I saw this thread. It reminded me of this: Hillary "under fire" in Bosnia.




                            I think this whopper was significant enough to help Obama's campaign for the nomination in 2008.

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                              What's interesting is the response"The other side did this too" (Hillary, Kerry) when caught in this obvious bending of the truth.  Not sure I can ever get away with that with anyone in real life, not that I'd ever lie.