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One day at a time

    Usually, my information is saved so that I don't even have to log in when I close my browser and then reopen it.  The last couple of days, though, I have to log in even if I haven't closed the browser.  The issue is limited to RA - it doesn't happen on the other sites I frequent.  Any idea as to what's going on?

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      I'm finding the same thing, but I'm getting it with some other sites too.

      I'm using Google Chrome/Windows 8.1.

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        Everything is normal for me, Windows 7 and both Chrome and Firefox.

        Ok, I'm going to try this again.....

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        One day at a time

          Everything is normal for me, Windows 7 and both Chrome and Firefox.


          I'm on Windows 10 and Chrome.  No changes for a long time, though.

            Have you made sure you've checked the "Remember me" box when you login?



              You could try clearing your browser cache.

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                That happens to me after some systems updates, and more frequently on my mobile device after my Chrome crashes.

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