Troubleshooting a Garmin Forerunner 10 (Read 105 times)


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    Trying to help a friend out.


    After the Garmin picks up the satellite signals and the "Start" button is hit a message of "Memory Full" is received.  Garmin provided reset instructions that didn't work.  The device was exchanged.  Now the new one is doing it, too.


    Any ideas?



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      When you plug it in, it will show up like a drive on the computer.  Open that drive up with windows explorer and find where all of the workouts are stored.  Delete them.  Mine are in /Garmin/Fit/  


      I've been filling mine up for over six months and only had to clear it out once, though.  Maybe their workouts are taking up a lot more room than mine do.  Or, like this thread suggests, maybe something else is writing files to the drive:  https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?29005-Memory-Full-Problem-and-Solution

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        I got the same problem with my Garmin Forerunner 10 now.  While going for a run this morning my Forerunner 10 alerted me that its memory is full.  I'd like to find a simple way to delete memory now. I don't see any real ideas in this thread. 


          Hard Reset of Forerunner 10


          According to this video, you need to do a hard reset to delete all the runs when the memory is full.  Alternatively you can delete them one at a time.  Of course you want to make sure you have transferred all your runs to RA (or other location ) before doing a hard reset.

            Thanks, I gave the hard reset a try by pushing in both buttons but unlike on the video that didn't work.

              The easiest way, IMO, of deleting all the activities is to plug the thing into USB on your computer, navigate to the Garmin/Acitivities folder, grab everything in there and delete.  That way you don't also blow out your user settings and what not.

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                Here is a slight variation on it.  It adds in the powering off the watch first.


                1. To reset the device:

                  • Power off watch (press and hold Light, device will count down and shut off)
                  • Press and hold Enter (top right) and Down button (bottom right)
                  • Press and release Light button to power device back on.
                  • Release Enter after first beep.
                  • Release Down button after second beep.


                  thanks, before I could read the additional posts after my last post in this thread I called Garmin customer support where they helped me update my watches' software online.  It might be working now.  I assume it is but I will find out the hard way when I use it for a little more exercise today.

                    If you are using a Mac, and you have freed up storage by deleting files via USB connection, be sure to empty the trash - I found that just deleting the files in Finder did NOT free up the Forerunner until I had emptied the trash on the Mac itself.