Calf Pain only hurts when running (Read 226 times)

    I started running in July using a c25k program 3-4 times a week . it FELT great until 5 weeks ago when my calf got tight and ended up limping around for  a week. It did get better and ran my first 5k in 30:13 4 weeks ago. Had a lot if tightness and pain for the next couple of weeKs.


    finally felt better and tried a run this past Friday. Felt a little sore thru the run but managed to get thru a 3 miler.tried again yesterday but couldn't get two blocks. 


    my question is .......is it common to have pain that mainly goes away when I walk.....I can feel a little soreness but not so bad really but when I run its awful. Ended up with a slight case of shin splints too yesterday,I think from how my gait was affected .


    the soreness and tightness did start about the same time I joined a health club and did treadmill a couple times a week. I started running in Brooks Ravenna 3's and recently fitted in Brooks Adrenaline RTS 12's at my LRS. Only ran in the adrenalines the last two runs.


    thanks for reading.

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      I'm dealing with this issue right now, though it's almost gone. Simply slow your pace  until your calves heal. If walking helps, then take short walk breaks. I've found even an occasional 10 sec. walk will keep my calf from getting worse. Taking an extra day off from running will help. Try the obvious first. Good luck.

        Have you tried stretching and foam rolling?


        The shin splints are likely caused by your tight calves. When your calf muscles get tight, the muscles in the front of your leg have to work harder. The excessive stress causes those muscles to cramp (shin splints).

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