New Shoes, New Pain (Read 474 times)


    I am coming back from a tibial stress fracture. The doctor prescribed me new shoes. I went to the store, was fitted and on the spot the shoes felt great. And then...


    I went out for run number 1 in the shoes and got home with some heel pain and pain on the outside of both feet. It felt similar to PF at first, but not in the same place. The pain lasted about a day and a half.


    Went out for run number 2 in the new shoes and had the exact same pain, more intense, especially the next morning. I had the pain for about two full days. 


    I will be running for the third time in said shoes tomorrow. The prescribed run is supposed to be longer and faster than the last two runs in these shoes and am concerned about more pain and even injury. I was wearing my old shoes for about two weeks with my reentry plan with no pain. I am trying to figure out whether I should wear the new shoes, old shoes or scrap them all and try again for a new pair of shoes.


    Thoughts? Anyone out there coming back from a stress fracture and told to wear super motion control shoes (they are firm, not what I am accustom to for sure)? Anyone have recommendations for motion control at the ankle, yet flexible in the forefoot? What would you do?

      The Alchemy and Equalon are pretty different shoes.  To my knowledge, the Alchemy is going to feel quite a bit firmer.


      Not to immediately distrust the shoe fitter, but do you have excessive pronation that needs to be tamed?  Everyone's different, but I've had success using a structured insole (support!) in neutral shoes (cushioning!).  My legs and flat feet do need a little help, but I don't over-pronate much.  YMMV, of course.

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        If it's painful to run in the new shoes, but not painful to run in your old shoes then I wouldn't run in the new shoes.


        How did you choose the shoes you ended up with? Were they recommended by the guys in the running store?


        I don't think there's a lot of point in us recommending particular models here -  what works well for one person really doesn't suit another - you can only really know by running in them.