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    Okay I ama very well seaasoned runner and am looking for some must run areas of Seattle.  I will be in town for a few days on my return back to the States after a three year absence.  I will be willing to drive a bit to get to spots and am not opposed to simply walking out the door and running until I get the mileage I want.  Just checking in to see what others out there have to say?

    Marathons are easy... running one fast is where the difficulty comes!

      lots of nice places for Seattle.   many parks including seward park along lake Wa.,    arbortieum area,   go over towards Issaquah & do trail runs up in the Issaquah Alps.   Powerline trails between Redmond/Woodinville.    Bridle trails SP near Bellevue.  Discovery Park in Seattle where you can run down to the Sound & have a tough w/o heading back up.    Green Lake.   If you want a long quiet peaceful run you can head over to the Snoqualmie Valley near Carnation/Duvall & catch on to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail which can take you for 31 miles one-way from Duvall all the way to Fall City/North Bend (watch for bears/cougars).  or you could go out for a certain amt of time & reverse.  Check out Eastside Runners website for Wed night track w/os.   or group runs.  this is only a very small sample of choices!!    Seattle is a great city & even better if you are a runner.  If you are looking for a race, pretty much any weekend s/b able to find an event somewhere closeby. 


        Trails or roads?


        And when will you be here?  This is somewhat significant if you want to run trails as there's still snow up high that won't be there in the summer.