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    Anybody know if an affordable program that extracts audio files from video?  I downloaded a free product that worked great, but it has an over-voice that comes on every minute or so indicating it's a free program and not for commercial use.  This interferes with the audio I'm transcribing.


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      Command line methods:




      ffmpeg is available for Linux, Windows, Mac.

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        Are you talking about Youtube videos?  Google "youtube to mp3"....


        If not - upload your video to Youtube (you can keep it private) - and then use a "youtube to mp3" site.

        See how they run...

          AoA audio extractor. free version. windows.

            Not sure if is what you need, but check out the Moo voice recorder - I use it all the time for transcribing in conjunction with the Amazing Slowdowner. they also have a YouTube/video recorder.