Tussey mOUTaiNBACK 50 (Read 20 times)

    Hey all,


    Fantastic day at the Tussey 50 yesterday.  Lots of incredibly fast times.  New course records were set on both the men's and women's sides as well as a new record for the 2-person women's relay.  The course was modified from years past, taking out some disliked sections and a highway segment...but replaced with some tough new hills.  Overall the general consensus was that the course was more difficult (which puts an even bigger "wow factor" on the course records.


    Here's the local write-up



    On a side technology note, I am continually impressed with the Garmin 910.  I wore it during the race yesterday and it recorded 49.99 miles.  Not too shabby.  This was after it stayed recording for almost 23 hours two weeks ago for the Oil Creek 100, shutting off just a 1/2 mile from the finish (With a heart-rate monitor too)



    anyhoo...hope everyone's getting in some great fall running.  Perfect weather here in PA right now.