2020 Boston Marathon Thread (Read 408 times)


    Registration opened this week so I thought it was time to start the thread...  Who's registered?  Who's waiting?  Who's worried?


      With the new standards, I'm a BQ-16 (3:33:17 at last year's New York City Marathon) so I get to register after 10am today.

        I'm very ambivalent about this but I ran VCM in May for the sole purpose of getting a qualifier so I could run Boston in 2020 when I'l be ... 50, ffs. The idea was to try and break 3 at Boston one more time so that I could say that I had done so in my 30's, 40's and 50's and then I could stop running them. If I want to. I'm not sure how possible that will be now based on my starting point, my travel schedule and a bunch of other things. But hey, what's $205 and a winter of grinding out miles in the frozen blackness?


        I set a reminder to register on Saturday morning. Alas.

        Runners run


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          Same feelings for me in general, not really thrilled with the idea of running it but there aren't many great spring marathons out there. Feels like all of the "OTQ" marathons are in the fall (not that I'm going for one, but I like running races where people are going for it). Also checked hotel prices recently and almost vomited.


          Guess I'll have to decide in the next few hours whether I want to just throw the $200 down the drain if I don't run it.

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            I guess I am in the minority of people who are very excited and looking forward to running the Boston Marathon.  I'm a lousy week two registrant though, so I need to wait until Monday and hope all the fast people don't fill up the field.



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              I'm 6 minutes and  few seconds under the standard for old men so I register on Friday. 2020 will, hopefully, be my first time running Boston. I qualified and was registered last year but a late training cycle injury kept me out. Boston's a dream race for me; don't care what my time is, just want to see the spectacle. That said, I'm not looking forward to the winter training cycle; last year was really tough. I have a feeling, if I get there this year, I won't be back again due to training in the winter.


              Good luck to to all!


                I'm very excited!  This will be my 5th Boston.  (As long as a -7:55 gets me in.) I ran for the first time in 2015 then took 2016 off because I figured "been there done that, the logistics are a pain."  But after watching it on tv and being very disappointed to not be there I have run it every year since.

                JMac, It seems to me that if you are not thrilled about the idea of running it then let someone else have the spot.  People that have worked their ass off to get in will be heartbroken when they are shut out.

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                  Registering Friday with a -8:28. Third time. 2014 was my first and was amazing. Work conflicts kept me out in 15 and 16, then a rough bout with PF meant no qualifier in 17. I was back in 2018, and decided twice was enough, especially after that weather.


                  Yeah, twice wasn't enough. I apparently need a third ugly jacket. And maybe if I'm lucky I'll run into Julia again like I did the last time I was there!

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                    Fiiiiiinally registering for my first with some amount of confidence! Sitting at -5:14 (3:30 standard, 3:24:46 in May) and registering on Friday so I should be safe. I missed out by a minute for 2018 and didn't run a marathon within the qualifying window for 2019.


                      After 5 marathons I got my first BQ in Nov 2018 at Indy and would be thrilled to get in!! I register Monday with a 2:42 cushion, so who knows. If any of you faster peeps want to take this year off from Boston it’ll save you some money! 

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                        I'm in.  It'll be my third Boston.  I'm sort of on the fence how I want to approach this one, probably because I still have pacing responsibilities at Chicago in October and racing CIM in December so even thinking about April seems ridiculous.  If CIM goes well, I'll have some serious temptation to sign up for BAA 5K as an "A" race and just enjoy the hell out of an easy long run on Monday.  But realistically, I'll beat myself to smithereens throughout a bitter, freezing winter to arrive at the starting line fit, only to have a blizzard, heat wave, or meteor strike make Boston utterly unrunnable.

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                          I registered on Wednesday and got my confirmation this morning. This will be my 4th in a row. After last year, I wasn't sure I *needed* to go back, but my training partner is going this year, so we're doing a girls trip again (as we did in 2018 and had a good time, despite the weather).


                          I'd really love better weather this year!



                            I just registered this morning! I have a -6:42 so I'm sitting here with fingers crossed waiting for an acceptance email.


                            RIP Milkman


                              I'd really love better weather this year!


                              Someone should just have this on repeat for this race.

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                              Mmmm.... toasty

                                Registered this AM with a -6:12. Fingers crossed. Last ran it in 2010, registered for 2011 but chose not to go. I'd run it consecutively 2008-2010 through some hefty family problems and just needed to do something different, I suppose.


                                And then there was the Injury of 2014-9 :-D. Ran thru it, not very well, but well enough that I re-BQ'ed in Nov 2018.


                                Can't believe I'm going back (okay, nearly certainly). Re-BQ-ing lived in my head for so long as "Something I want to do again someday." Then, holy crap, it happened. Now, holy crap, I just registered. Walked down the hallway at work this AM around 9:55A and found I was almost hyperventilating as I waited for those last few minutes to tick by.


                                Good luck, everybody!

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