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    Does anyone know if an iPhone app is in the making?  Any chance it will communicate directly with the Garmin 220/620?


    That would be great.  Or it could use the data directly from a Garmin Connect account.


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      That would kick quite a bit of booty.  I imagine it would be a pretty serious undertaking, though.  I'd definitely be willing to pay for that app if it happened, though, especially if it had some sort of live tracking feature.  Right now, that's the only thing that I'm hanging on to my RunKeeper "Elite" status for.

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        I would pay too.  There are other apps that grab Garmin data from the Garmin site and populate the app.


        In the end, I want to use runningahead but I also want to use the auto upload when I get my 220... And I don't want to do it twice.

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          It only takes two things...money and time.  The person who owns, develops, runs and maintains RA  (and it is 1 person) needs to have an economic model that makes sense since his time has to pay the bills....so talk to him -- make an offer that's beyond $5.99 from the app store.


          (Just my opinion on the matter. I don't have any skin in the game...)

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