Ladies: What do you wear under there? (Read 1601 times)


    If there's one thing I've been reminded of running in heat/humidity, it's that wet cotton is the devil.


    So, short and sweet:  running skivvies.  What do you wear, and where can I get it?  Something relatively cheap ($10 - $15 or so), and can be found at Dick's, Target, Fleet Feet, or other major department stores.

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      shorts with built ins.

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        shorts with built ins.


        Eh... not much of a fan.  At least, not the few pairs I've tried.  The built in brief always seems to have elastic in odd places that gives me chafing problems I don't have otherwise.  And going commando is almost worse than wearing cotton. 


          agree w/ennay about shorts w/built ins....the champion ones they sell at target are pretty decent, though no real pockets.  Roadrunnersports has my favourites that don't ride up or chafe me and have a reasonably sized pocket in the back.


          Lotta ladies like the nike tempo, but i feel they billow too much in the front for me.





          Another thought: compression shorts w/built in panty liner...i'm not a fan of the look or how warm they get but no chafing or rubbing

          Oh roo roooo!

            As a rule, shorts w/built ins work fine for me.  I have used compression shorts when I anticipated a rainy or otherwise unusually wet run where chafing might be a bigger problem. 


            If you're having issues w/the elastic in the built-in liner, maybe try buying the shorts a size larger.  I find that I have a problem when the liner is too tight--and too tight is a whole different world regarding running gear versus sit-at-your-desk gear.  If the elastic is stretched too tight, it becomes almost sharp and will chafe really badly, whereas when it's relaxed, it's fine.  I have just had to swallow my pride and buy a size up from what I think I "should" wear.....

              I wear "seamless knickers" made out of synthetic fabrics, way better than cotton, and cheaper than most of the marketed sports stuff.  They're thin and light and have the advantage of not having any seams to rub you.  I don't know where you can buy them in the US, but most high street stores have them in their range here, just check they're all synthetic, rather than have some cotton content.  They basically act like a wicking fabric and you don't get that wet cotton issue.


              I get on fine with shorts with built-ins too though.  So the above may not suit you, but at least the fit should be better.

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                shorts with built ins.

                 Without a doubt.

                  Seamless Jockey brand micro fiber hipsters seem to work best for me. 

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                      Whoa.  For some reason, I always thought servingthealiens was a guy.



                        Who says he isn't?

                          You can still wear ladies underwear, even if you are a guy.

                           "Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.  Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.  Just walk beside me and be my friend."


                            Who says he isn't?


                            Well, unless "he" likes to go running in women's underwear (which hey... nothing wrong with that if you do, just sayin') is definitely a she.  Born that way, intend to stay that way.  Tongue

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                              just cotton. 

                              in this humidity every thing from tech shirt to cotton undies 

                              are totally saturated any way.



                              Just run.

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                                I'm a commando under compression shorts/tights kinda gal, most of the time.  Pearl Izumi MADE my favorite short...they still sorta make it, but they eliminated the leg grippers that kept those things in place (I can't do regular loose running shorts because they ride-up into an uncomfortable and unflattering wad in my crotchtal regions), so I'm pretty much praying that they will bring the grippers back, next year.  Either that or I'm going to have to buy a tube of silicone sealant to add my own grippers to a different short.

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