Trying to decide on which Marathon (Toronto (GTA)) (Read 72 times)


    I am trying to decide on which marathon to run this fall. My two choices are the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October, or the Hamilton Marathon two weeks later in November. Any recommendations? Thanks

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      The Road2Hope (Hamilton) is supposed to be faster, though both are pretty fast courses.

      Scotiabank is a bigger event with more runners, I don't know whether you consider that a good point or bad!


      Where you live in the GTA may make access easier for one or the other.

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        I've run the full in Toronto, and the half in Hamilton twice.  If you're aiming for the best possible time, then Hamilton is the one to choose due to the generous downhill in the second half.  It's a smaller race, though, and the full last year had some strange double-loop down along the waterfront which some people really did not like.  I'm not sure if that's been fixed for this year.  If you're looking for a big marathon experience, then Toronto is far better - more runners, more spectators, bigger finish, etc.  You can compare both on http://www.findmymarathon.com/marathon-time-conversion.php

          A lot will depend on you.  First you might want to know if you could do better with the extra time to train in the cool temps for the Road to Hope run.  Secondly, you have to know which course you prefer.  The Scotia Waterfront is essentially flat but there is a gentle but long uphill at the finish.  The road to hope have what one earlier poster call a generous down hill in the second half.  (For me that was a killer the one time I time I ran the Road to hope.  I do not do well with down hill running especially towards the end of a race when my legs are heavy.)

          so my Answer is do a little research on the course see what you like and think about the cooler temps in November.  The one year I ran Hamilton it was -5c at the start and not much better at the end and it was windy.  I much prefer running in the cold than the heat but I am still not a good performer when it is that cold.  I need it a little warmer and less windy.  Hope that helps.


            I have the same dilemma, but I am thinking between Toronto and Niagara. Check out Niagara International, it is the weekend between Toronto and Hamilton.