Rolling Averages (Read 121 times)


    I love the 7/30 day rolling average widget. How about one for 180/365 days or an option for the user to set the duration - 21 days?


    Right now for 180 and 365 I have set a goal for those number of days and just change the date every day so it's always 181 or 366 days. It's manageable, but it could be easier...




      So I have a mileage goal set up that I change the date on every day to get my 180/365 day averages, but it doesn't give me my average pace.


      Is there anyway to make a customizable rolling average widget like there is for 7 and 30 days?


        Vaguely related: I'm SO happy that we finally got rolling average widgets. It's much more relevant than Monday - Sunday mileage except on a Sunday evening. Thanks so much Eric!