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    I just found this new thing at the gym. They recently got a rower machine. WOW! I LOVE this thing! I've been doing at least 2000 meters each time I go in, usually after a run or on a no-running day. What a great and fun workout. And I get to work my upper body, which I desperately need. Anyone else? Any advice or tips?
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      YAY rowing! I'm a former rower, but I still use the "erg", i.e., rowing machine. I would encourage you to peek around, on the Concept2 website or other places, to see how other people do it. Remember the order in which you move things -- if you start curled, or at the "catch" -- first legs push you back, then your torso swings, and then your back squeezes and pulls your arms in. On the way back same order - arms, then back, then legs. Also you should go backwards about twice as fast as you glide forward. Also, probably on the side of the big wheel there is a level and series of numbers, don't EVER put that number above 3 or so. It's just not necessary and you are much more likely to tweak your back, and a tweaked back is no fun. GOOD LUCK! HAVE FUN!

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        I really miss rowing...it is great Xtraining...but my gym doesnt have one. I really miss the one my gym in Texas had ...oh this had to be 15 years ago. It had the video display where you could set yourself up a pace rower and then "race" the target. Kept it fun.

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          I have an old erg that I use 3-4 times a week. Usually I use it for 15-20 minutes as a warm up before other training or occasionally as cross training. Be sure you ramp up slowly and monitor any pains in your back. Victor

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            Thanks everyone! I have ordered the technique DVD from Concept 2. I cruised their website and it is chock full of info. I really enjoy the erg (apparently that is what I do, who knew?!) and have made it a regular part of my day.
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              Rowing's my main form of crosstraining. I bought a Concept2 rower off of E-Bay four years ago & it was a great investment. Very little maintenance & I get a terrific workout. I usually row for a set distance (10K) & watch a DVD while I'm doing it. It's not as good a cardio workout as running but, it's pretty good & I do like the way it tones up my upper body.

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                My Schwinn Windrigger rower got relegated to the guest bedroom, where it sits, all on its own Sad Guess I should/could use it huh?!?!? Confused