Can you do a triathlon with an " I just want to finish" attitude? (Read 1655 times)

    Just an add on. Yes, you can do a triathlon with that attitude. When I started I rode a mountain bike until I was sure I really wanted to do triathlons. Quite few of my friends race in baggies. Yes, you will find the guys in tri suits and fully kitted out bikes but if you are there to enjoy it so what! I am not sure if it is the same there but the organisers want to get more people involved in triathlons so will not frown on you as long as you stick to the rules and don't get in the way of the people who are racing. Good luck with your race and remember the most important thing is to enjoy it!
      Triathlon is a great sport. There are certainly those that have spent small fortunes on gear but none of this is necessary. A wet suit is only needed for colder water but it does aid in floatation so there is a certain safety factor as well. You can pick up a very good used wetsuit for under $100. Around here you can also rent them. Pick up and drop off at the race. These are later sold at discounted prices. Admittedly, there is a certain aire of elitism among some triathletes. If you want proof just read some of the post at Slowtwitch.com. However, this does not represent the majority. As others have mentioned you will see everything from Wal Mart huffy's to the $7000 fully outfitted Bike. Jump in and get your feet wet. Don't be intimidated by the show of gear. These people are more concerned about who is noticing them and to busy to notice you!

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        Thanks. I just registered for http://www.phillytri.com/course.html#sprint I checked one-day USAT or something like that. I also checked three technical tees without much idea of what they are. What are the typical finish time for those who finish last in 0.9 k swimming and 24 K biking? Without any experiences, I now have to use their times as my benchmark
        frigging great race you'll love it. well organized and well run. don't worry about time for your first one ok - hard I know but focus ont he finish line I am willing to bet you won't be last. FWIW some generic training plans are avialable at trinewbies.com, beginnertriathlete.com, trifuel.com and slowtwitch.com where are you located?

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          Plus don't forget the RA group "Swim Bike Run" : http://www.runningahead.com/groups/Tri/ Big grin

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            Open water might be hard without enough swim training, you can't just stop and rest. It might also be cold and require a wetsuit depending on your location and the time of year.
            Actually you can stop and rest. It is completely legal to hang on to the buoys or canoes (kayaks, motorboats, whatever they are using to watch the swimmers) and hang out. You can also usually rent a wetsuit if there is a nearby tri store. But yeah, open water swimming is a whole different game.


              A chip is also used? or maybe three chips are needed for swimming, biking and running? Is there a bib number for swimming?
              No bib for swimming, or for the bike (you have to put numbers on your bike and helmet, however). They have your number written on your arm(s) and leg, so they can track you throughout the race. I showed up for my first tri based on the fact that I had a fair amount of experience with running, I could not drown in water, and I had been on a bike before. Also, I was pretty hungover. I had fun. You'll be fine.

                Our sport always welcomes newbies!! I would recommend choosing a low key fun local race as your first for a number of reasons....there will be more people at the beginner level, many of these races have shorter distances for people just like yourself, there may be fun and/or finisher awards, there is a great community spirit and last but not least, you won't be getting "in anyone's way". If it is a serious race (ie/ qualifier for Nat'l team etc) obviously there will be more of a serious competitive vibe to it which to some of us, is motivating and serves a purpose at certain races but racers may not be as forgiving if they need to swim over you...you get my point. I also always recommend that people go watch a race, or even several prior to doing one to help them understand the whole process, equipment, format etc in addition to seeing that there are people of all levels racing and having fun! Enjoy!

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                  Why not --- I have to qualify myself here -- I have never done a Tri.... But I cant imagine that you cant get good enough at swimmng, biking and running to just go out and do a Tri (no time expectations - just do it to see if you can)...My guess here is that Triathletes are as friendly as runners and would help you along. I would recommend getting a book on how to train (I have seen them - even bought one once but that was aobut it) --- pick a short tri (and in my case with a really really really short swim) and go give it a whirl.. I'll bet Tri's are a lot of fun.... Wink

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                    Absolutely, especially at the sprint distance. There are lots of folks there who just want to 'finish'. Lots of hybrid/mountain bikes; lots of walkers. You will also find a lot of people like myself who actually 'race' sprints and olys... and just want to 'finish' anything longer than that! Wink

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