RunningAHEAD shirt sizes survey (Read 3472 times)

    women's, medium, 1 of each color. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd be willing to pay up front through Pay Pal. Let me know if you need me to do so.
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      Women's white , XS Thanks! Becky
        Men's large, dark blue.
          I'd love a women's medium navy shirt. Thanks! Rebecca
            mens, dark blue ,small (international order) Thanks
              If you guys keep it up, I may need a deposit because the order's running into thousands of dollars. Big grin
              Fair enough. Maybe you can build/load an online order form and ask for a deposit? I think PayPal is a good option. No reason you should be out-of-pocket for the entire order. Also, would hate to see you get stuck with a bunch of shirts should people change their minds...
                mens, light blue, med.

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                  Is there a date you need this by??
                    Small Light Blue

                      Men's Large, Dark blue and Grey.

                        Hi Could I have a Womens Small tank in the white please. Paypal would be great if you can do it. How much do you think it would be to ship to the UK? Thanks Ann

                          Womens, Medium, Blue
                            mens XL in light blue, I would perfer white or red if aviable.

                              Hi, Thanks for this Mens dark blue large please

                                Womens, small, navy