RunningAHEAD shirt sizes survey (Read 3472 times)

    Mens, dark and light blue Medium

    Orion Goals: 5k 18:30 10K 38:00 Marathon 3:10



      Men's, light blue, large or XL

        i would be interested. Mens large gray.

        The Queen of Talladega

          Women's X-Large White
          Bye-Bye chicken wing arms, see ya' later thunder thighs, ciao ba-donk-a-donk buttocks, take a hike flabby abbies.... hello 6-pack (and I ain't talking about Budweiser), welcome home shaply booty, greetings great looking legs, salutations slender arms!!!!!

            women's -Large -Navy- Thanks Big grin
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            Mr E

            "Velocitus Delectiblus"

              Men's Light Blue Thanks

              My dogs are fast, not me

                Women's large navy Thanks, Robin


                  Men's large dark blue Thanks Eric Ken

                    Mens Dark Blue Medium

                    Along for the Ride

                      Women's large navy Cool Eric - can you change mine to a white? I didn't see the color samples initially. Thanks for doing this!

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                        men's med.

                          mens, dark blue, medium

                            Men's, medium, grey!

                              2 for me. Mens XL white and gray
                                Women's large navy