How to prepare for a 1 mile race? (Read 1327 times)

Feeling the growl again

    Well, it turned out they had a mock 10k that I could run instead of the half, so I did that.   Cool



    A "mock 10K"?  Is that something like a "5K marathon"?

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      According to our calculator, with 18:27-5k performance, you should be able to run a mile in 5:20 so you had exceed it by quite a bit.  Congratulations!!  




      It seems to me, your stamina is your weakness--with 18:27 level, you should be able to run the half marathon a few minutes faster and, with 5:08 mile, you should be able to run a 5k in 17:35 (and 1:20 half).  But I'd put my foot in my mouth and say that you should be able to crack 5-minutes easily if you "do it right".


      Thanks for this excellent response.


      My last half (1:30) was in the Spring and I was out for a few weeks after with a tibia stress fracture. The 18:27 was my first race back and I think it was a pretty good improvement. The mile wasn't my target race, but it was fun. Maybe I will try to "do it right" in the Spring.


      As for my current target, I am targeting a November half and am shooting for 1:20, so it is good to hear you think that is in the realm of possibility. I had a bad week last week, but am now planning on ramping up my mileage a bit to get ready. I am curious though, what is the best way to increase my stamina? More miles? More fast miles? Long intervals?



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