Setting up Goals (Read 99 times)


    Can someone tell me how to set up a goal? I've never used it before. Or direct me to somewhere that has directions? Thanks!

      I "think" I can explain this from memory. On the summery page, there is a box of "widgets" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Click on the goal widget and drag it to an empty space on your summery page. After the box is in place, click on the pencil icon, (in the box), to edit. After this, just fill in the blanks.


      I haven't done it from scratch in a while, but, I just edited mine for my monthly milage goal. I am sure that if this doesn't help, there are other runners here who know FAR more than me.


        Thanks! I did try that, but when I clicked on the pencil, nothing would happen. I'm going to try again!

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          Drag the goal onto the page to the column where you want it. Smile

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            I just tried it again and nothing happens when I click on the pencil. Also, nothing is showing up in the drop down boxes. Not really sure what to do to figure out how to fix it now...


              Same thing is happening to me.  I can drag the "Goals" widget over to the left.  However, when I click the pencil icon to edit, I just get the "busy" circle continually rotating.  The "Save" button does not work either.  All I can do is use the "x" to close it.

                Which web browser are you using?


                  I tried it in google chrome, internet explorer and firefox


                    I finally managed to tracked down the problem you're experiencing.  Somehow, you managed to create an activity type of "Weights", which is a built-in activity type.  I had put in checks to prevent users from creating new activity types a while ago, but not sure if that was done before you created it.  To fix the summary page problem, rename weights to something else.


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                      Got it! works now. Thanks so much!!