Injury Practically Consuming My Life (Read 518 times)

    Hey guys, Unfortunately, I have injured myself again. I am uanble to run until doctor says. I have been out for a month and have done well by trying not to run. I have been biking and am in Physical Therapy which is a lot slower than my usual pace....or the pace I like to go at. Haha. I have been good...not complaining at all or anything and trying to stick to my daily stretches, exercises, etc. I guess I just need some encouragement. This is the second season this injury has overrun my life and I want it to be the last!!!! So, any new exercises that will make me feel one step closer to running would be good. I don't know, whatever y'all can come up with. : ) <3 k k=""></3 k >


      Are you allowed in the weight room? I could give you some workouts that would leave you in halfway decent shape, but you might not necessarily be my friend afterwards. Smile

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        Yeah, I have been in the weight room. And I do work dilegently on my core to say the least....it's kind of my obssession. lol. But any weight workouts....heck yeah....lay 'em on me. P.S. I just can't suat any more than my BW.
          I took a look at your log when you were running. My opinion only....But I think that you need to add some longer runs to your schedule. Long runs are not only great for your fitness but they also are a great way to build strength in tendons, ligaments, and muscles that you use while running (obviously). Not just weight room strength. If you are only running short and fast runs, your tendons, ligiments and muscles are not strong enough to handle that kind of stress. If add one long run per week and possibly another semi-long run, and some easy short runs mix those in with your quicker workouts, you may stay healthy. Good Luck.
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