"Time" as a unit in Interval Workouts? (Read 529 times)


    Hi, I LOVE THIS SITE. Just discovered it and am really enjoying it. Thanks! Would it be possible to add time as a set of units in the interval workout? So if you were doing 4x800 with 3' rest periods you could enter all that? Thanks, Charlotte
      Charlotte, You can enter individual components of a run by expanding the Intervals form in the run entry page. It is right below the "Run Info" form. There's a blue bar with the word "Interval" in it. To the right is a drop down button. Click on it to expand it, which will allow you to enter the information you want. eric Smile

        Eric I think I wasn't clear. I mean, I would like to be able to enter my recovery periods in interval workouts *only* as times, not distances. Can I do that? Thanks!
          Hi Charlotte, The recovery interval requires a distance. You can use the "Rest category" for an interval without a distance. Would this work? eric Smile

            Perfect. Thanks.