Does anyone know anything about the UCI masters world championship cycling race? (Read 276 times)

Best Present Ever

    it's being held in Stavelot Belgium this weekend.  http://sport.be.msn.com/uciworldcyclingtour/uwctfinal/2011/eng/

    My sister qualified and told me what a 'hoot' it was, but she wasn't going to go.   (She just began racing this summer, don't get me started). Then she emailed me Tuesday to say her schedule had unexpectedly cleared and gosh darnit she and her husband WERE going to go.  She hasn't responded to emails or phone calls since, so she was either abducted or is in Europe.  Does anyone know if there is usually some kind of video feed or someplace where folks are blogging about the results?  I'm thinking those crazy Europeans might actually be interested enough in cycling to have such a thing if I just knew where to look.