100 mile month! (Read 748 times)

    Wow. Just hit 100 miles for the month. I never dreamed I would see that when I started in mid-January this year. I'm feeling so much better from all this moving around stuff that it may actually become a permanent part of my life. Thanks to RA for all the good karma sent my way. Smile
      100 is a fine number! Way to go! Maybe you can loan me some of your miles to make me feel as good as you do right now. Big grin


        CONGRATS!!! I'm sure it's the first of many!

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          nice job. Love the consistency. No turning back now...next up 200 miles

          You'll ruin your knees!

            Wow. Just hit 100 miles for the month.
            Congrats! That's awesome!
            ...it may actually become a permanent part of my life.
            ...the hook is set on yet another one!
            Thanks to RA for all the good karma sent my way. Smile

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              Unless some freak thing happens in the next couple of days I will hit 100 early in my run tomorrow, too. First 100 mile month since last Oct. I am so geeked! March has been a pretty great month for running! WTG, Wiley! Big grin k

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                WooHoo - WTG!!! Smile

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                  Congrats on a great month! Smile
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                    WTG!!! Cool after you hit 100, it's all about the log...the graphs...the pretty little colored bars... Blush Next thing you know, you'll be trying to out pace the bunny. Yes
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                      WTG! Keep on trucking running. And before I posted, I was curious to see my miles for the month because I've increased my mileage lately and...... low and behold Shocked, I too am sitting with 102.9. Haven't done that since 16! Let's go for sayyy, 150 byyy August! just post again when ya hit it.


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                        nice job. Love the consistency. No turning back now...next up 200 miles
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                          Awesome job! Yeah, I haven't passed the 100 mark since last October... Was going to be close this month until I got sick the past couple of days. Dead I'll do it next month!! Thanks for sharing...
                            Thanks to all for the positive feedback. For your help I hereby promise: To lend any miles to anyone who needs them. To hit 100+ miles/month again. To remain consistent. To remove the hook from my mouth and jump in the boat. To encourage all other 100+ miles/month peers to "Go for it!" BTW, I encourage everyone to go for it. To chase the bunny. Pace, not Playboy. The fly still eludes me. Smile Thanks to RA for giving me a chance to see that consistency and dedication to a goal, over time, pays off. This is a lesson I and the spousal unit have constantly hammered into our kids. It's nice to know it actually works for me too and we aren't blowing smoke up their asses.

                              Welcome to the club wiley1st!!!
                                This is great! Congratulations! Ewa
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