My local 5k- my time beaten by an 80 year old man! (Read 1555 times)

    The event is held in connection with a carrot festival in a nearby town which is a vegetable growing area, and is called "Carrotfast"


    A local running club organizes and hosts the event, and it is a certified course,  which often attracts a strongish field of club members, high school runners, and the usual mixture of people like myself in the midpack and people walking the dog at the back.


    I ran a couple of years ago in 22:08, at the age of 58, coming something like 56th out of 163.


    This year I was delighted to learn that Ed Whitlock ran 21:16.8, at the age of 80, setting a new Canadian record. I wish I had been there to race against him, what a great runner!

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      I could have beat that old fart Smile.  Simply amazing!!!

      Those who try, fail! Those who do what it takes to succeed, succeed!!

        That gives us old guys a little hope.......that's a good 5K time...and GREAT for an 80 year old...

        Champions are made when no one is watching

        Bryan Castro

          I can't keep up with him yet! Maybe in 2012. Smile

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            Ed Whitlock is a legend. He holds many age group world records at a variety of distances. Perhaps the strongest of which is a 2:54 marathon when he was 73.


            His training consists of 3 hours of very slow running a day (in a cemetery!), plus the occasional race.

              Does he run in a cemetery for convenience or to mock the folks who told him he was going to run himself to death (but they died before him)?

                Does he run in a cemetery for convenience or to mock the folks who told him he was going to run himself to death (but they died before him)?


                I think he does it for the speedwork - gotta sprint to get away from those zombies.

                  He humbles so many of us!

                  Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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                    Oh dear. I know how you feel. 


                    We had an 11yo boy run 18:16 on Monday at the 5km series I frequent.  It was in torrential rain and high winds thunder and lightning too! Impossible conditions


                    He is the son of the great Dick Quax, so has a way to go to get near to his fathers 5000m ex world record of 13:12 but destined to be a runner from that family!

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                      Thanks Simon, for giving me the heads up to never, ever, ever, run in that race. Smile

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                        I know I've focussed on beating a grey head that passed me the year before. They always have amazing legs. I hope someone aspires to pass me in a race when I'm 80! I'll take 60!

                          I passed an old woman during a half a couple weeks ago -- she was doing the 10K, and I was coming back from an out-and-back. She was moving along at a pretty good clip, but the most striking thing was the contrast between her upper and lower halves. From the waist up, she looked like your typical little old lady. Maybe 70. But her legs... they were very skinny, but totally, absolutely runner's legs. Not an ounce of fat on them.


                          I was curious afterwards and looked her up. Turns out it was Lenore Montgomery. She's famous in BC, has all sorts of records. And she's 80. She won her division in this race -- F50+ -- in about 1:03, I think. Wow.

                            Those legs are proof of the decades of running. I wonder what age their heart/lungs appear

                              Amazing. I love hearing stories like this.

                                Does he run in a cemetery for convenience or to mock the folks who told him he was going to run himself to death (but they died before him)?


                                He runs in  a cemetery because it's convenient and isn't the road - apparently he got annoyed with the way some car drivers drive when he trained on the roads.


                                There's an interview with him as part of this podcast: http://www.marathontalk.com/podcast/episode_72_ed_whitlock.php