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    Hello folks, quick question. I have been running with Merrell Trailgloves for about a year (4 miles, 4 times a week, with about half of that light trail running in AZ desert). Previously I had been using Mizuno Waverider 13's. I am now looking for recommendations for something in between the two very different shoes...


    i am a skinny, fairly tall guy with a fairly neutral form. Thanks for your advice.


      The Altra Lone  Peak?  It's zero drop and a bit of cushion.

        Brooks Pure Grit      (4 mm drop, light weight, med cushion)


        Salomon Sense Mantra-only mentioned these because just beginning to test for vendor.  very light trail runner.  like them so far but for my size they run abit long & abit narrow., otherwise I like them after 2 short trail runs.  if you are avg or narrow width try them 1/2 -1 size smaller because of the length.


        both of the above have a more "hybrid" type outsole that may work better on pavement than more aggressive trailrunners.


        Salomon XR Mission may also work good for light trail running/pavement combination.  wide toe box compared to most Salomons


        both the Manatra & Mission may  have a higher heel to toe drop than what you are looking for  ???


        2/3rds training

          Pearl izumi n1.  Either trail or rd version.  Nice and light.  Very breathable upper and quick turnover.  6mm drop.