Unable to export data to Excel (Read 665 times)

Steve E

    Hi, This feature has always worked well, as I do a backup after every run. however, in the last few days i'm getting an error message stating that Internet Explorer is unable to download from www.runningahead.com Any ideas folks? Best wishes, Mr Bump
      Mr Bump, Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I was able to reproduce this and it turned out to be caused by enabling http compression. Unfortunately, the code is in somewhat of an unstable state, but I'll try to get this fixed ASAP. eric Smile
        You can use Firefox or possibly another browser to download the Excel export until this is fixed.

        When it’s all said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?

          The problem is fixed. I'm not sure why http compression would cause this problem. It turned out that IE needs the page to be cachable in order to download and save the zip file. Odd IE behaviors.
          Steve E

            Prior to logging on today I just found out that I can download from Firefox. Thanks for the tip anyway. Thanks for resolving this problem. Best wishes, Mr Bump