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    I have just published an update for my Android app IpBike with direct upload support for RuinningAHEAD.  Despite the name its a generic fitness tracking app with ANT+ sensor support so you can get your HR and footpod data with a suitable phone Like an many sonys and the Samsung S4 with the android 4,3 update.


      Saw an App in the Google Play store this evening called RunnerUp (one word). It says it uploads directly to RunningAhead, and many other sites like Garmin, Nike+, Endomondo. Haven't tried the app yet, but just thought I would mention it here in case anyone is interested in trying it. The app looks relatively new.







        Personnally I run with a watch and upload to RA from my computer. But I'd love an iPhone app with which I could check my individual runs, the graphs, etc and manually (fill a form) upload a run to to RA.com.

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