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    Do you maintain your running schedule when on vacation? What if you're away from home for an extended period ... like 2 weeks ... or even 3 weeks? I will be on a break for 3 weeks and I plan on continuing with my running. Hopefully I can start the process by working out the sore/stiffness caused by the extreme airplane flight (usa -> australia). Any tips from experienced runner-travellers? Do gels break open in checked luggage? Smile
      Shocked I'm not sure I'd want to bring anything resembling gel on board an airplane nowadays... Shocked

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        Yes, gels can break open (because of the pressure change, I'm sure). But that wouldn't stop me from bringing them.. just put them in a ziplock first. And, yes, you'd probably better not try to carry them on... or you'll be forced to eat them all in security.. haha. Wink I've had a hard time maintaining my running when I go on trips.. I lose my routine and lose my motivation with it. I suppose that making a very clear training plan/calendar before you leave might help? I'm eager to hear if others have some good tips. Smile
          I guess that all depends on where I am going. I can't see myself running in Manhattan (well, except for Central Park, maybe) but in most other places I see running as a great opportunity for fast forward sight seeing. When I am on vacation I run before my family wakes up as not to cut into our time together. Later on I can impress them with info on cool local bakeries 'just around the corner' or the shortest way to a local attraction. I find it hard to follow a structured training schedule so I just make sure that I vary the pace of my vacation runs. ewa
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            I usually try to keep running when I'm away. It depends on the trip. For leisure travel, it's a bit hard because I usually keep active doing other things like hiking, biking, or just walking around. So I just try to get 2 to 3 runs a week not to lose fitness and have a hard time getting back into it on return. You can also make your run a scenic or tourist run. For example, a few years ago, I was in Paris for a week and did a couple of runs along the Seine early in the morning, it was great. You get to see all the landmarks before most people are even out and enjoy the city without the crowds. For business travel, I feel that running is a must. I don't know how to describe it, but it's this familiar thing your bringing from home (just like bringing your teddy bear Wink ) Regarding Gels, I have brought some on the plane in the carry on. But that was before the liquid restrictions. Now, you can still bring liquids and gels, but they have to be in small quantity and put inside a transparent ziploc bag. So if you bring gel that comes in one serving packets, there shouldn't be any problem. It's the same as bringing a small tube of toothpaste.


              One of my favorite things to do on vacation is run. The best part about vacation is you get to do all the things you enjoy right? I run every day on vacation. I will be on vacation the week of Christmas and assuming I am all healed up by then I plan on tearing it up all week. Speaking of which anyone on here from Fort Myers Florida? Australia for 3 weeks. I think I have decided I don't like you. Talk about jealous. Have a great trip and as suggested above if motivation is a factor have a plan down ahead of time.
                One of my favorite things to do on vacation is run.
                Amen. In 10 days, I get to start running on the California beach every day. I can barely wait, after running around in currently cold and dead-looking Tennessee. Sand, surf, and bikinis will be a nice improvement. About the only bad thing about vacation running is I tend to overdo it.
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