1500 Mile Club now open! (Read 927 times)

    Are you intending to average 29 miles/wk? Is the pace bunny over at the 1000 mile club just moving too slowly for you? Come join the new group, the 1500 Mile Club! http://www.runningahead.com/groups/1500 Not for the faint of heart!

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      Now this is going to be hard, 1500 miles Shocked... maybe I shouldn't Confused... oh, what the heck, I'll give it a try Big grin. Ewa
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        I'm in
          I'm in, too.
            Excellent Big grin I'm in!
            2009: BQ?
              I think I am going to start a 3K group just to one-up your 1.5K group. Heck, why stop at single digits. Anyone up for a 10K group? I am sure there are some ultra runners averaging 200 miles a week. They might not have time to reply to these posts on RA, but I am sure they exist. Cool Maybe. At least in my imagination.
                Roll eyes Have fun chasing that bunny! Wink

                Roads were made for journeys...

                Go Pre!

                  Yikes, I hope all those that are currently doinf 40-100 mile months now aren't going to suddenly increase to 1500 miles this year...thats WAY above the recommended gradual increase in mileage. Y=Our bodies can;t handle that much increase. Please be careful Smile Dave

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                    Eh, I'll sign up.
                      I'm in...if I can stay injury free, 1500 miles is well within what I'd like to do for the year.


                      You'll ruin your knees!


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                          I'll give it a shot too! Shocked
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                            what the hizzle...I'm in as well!
                              I'll join you tough guys. I hope you can make me tough Smile
                              Run more.
                                I'm in.
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