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    I thought that was the purpose of racing; to see who is faster between a number of people accomplishing the same task.


    Being polite is running, not racing...

    Experts said the world is flat

    Experts said that man would never fly

    Experts said we'd never go to the moon


    Name me one of those "experts"...


    History never remembers the name of experts; just the innovators who had the guts to challenge and prove the "experts" wrong

    old woman w/hobby

      If you volunteer to pace someone during a race and then beat them at the finish, that is being a dick. Passing someone during the last few seconds of a race is called competing.

       Yes!  This!  It is a race.



      Just run.

      Cool Jump Suit

        Stiff wind and stiff competition.  Joking  Great job though!  I would love a 19 min 5k.

        So bittersweet,
        This tragedy
        Won't ask for absolution;
        This melody,
        Inside of me,
        Still searches for solution.
        A twist of faith,
        A change of heart
        Cures my infatuation.
        A broken heart, 
        Provides the spark
        For my determination.


          If you had bumped and tripped the guy, that would make you a dick. Just passing him at the finish is perfectly OK.

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            It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

              I would have surged past him without the slightest concern. 


              Besides, it's Valentines Day. What better day to break someone's heart? 


              WrigleyGirl has the perfect post for this.

              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                How to finish



                THAT was awesome!  Can you even imagine running that hard and fast?  Amazing! 

                HTFU?  Why not!

                USATF Coach

                  I would (and have) muscled past some of my best friends in races.


                  I may buy you a beer afterwards, but on the course I give no quarter nor expect any.  That's why it's called a race.




                    Running is stupid

                      THAT was awesome!  Can you even imagine running that hard and fast?  Amazing! 


                      I can only dream that. That's why they're the best!