Light, firm, durable, zero-drop shoe (Read 23 times)

Behine DeChilis

    I have loved Altras for years but have struggled to find the right midsole in any of their recent offerings.


    Looking for:

    1.  Firm, responsive midsole (can't stand soft, squishy)

    2.  Reasonably lightweight

    3.  Wide toe-box

    4.  Reasonably durable

    5.  Zero drop (or close)


    I run 25-35 miles per week, most 5k and 10k races.  45 years old, injury free.


    I see tons of cheap minimal shoe offerings on Amazon, mostly knock offs of Merrells or similar.  Would these fit my request?  Cheap is a big plus...not enjoying the prices of Altras lately.  I previously would wait for good deals, but those seem hard to come by lately.