Numb toes? (Read 451 times)


    So, on Saturday I had a cramp in my foot that resulted in the two smallest toes on my left foot being "stuck" in a painful position for about five minutes. Nothing big, it's happened many times before. However, this morning when I ran, it was relatively cold, and I noticed that those two toes didn't feel as oddly warm as the rest -- they were just sort of "there." I could feel that they were there, but the warm sensation I normally get in my toes when running in the cold just wasn't there.


    What is this? Has anyone else experienced it? Are my feet about to fall off?

    Hollie S.

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      I have experienced this, and my feet haven't fallen off, but I have no idea what's happening.

      I wish I was as young as I look in the forum picture! But I'm not. :(

        A while back (5 years maybe?) I had mild frost bite on my toes from climbing. Nothing that caused long term issues, and after 4 weeks or so I had full feeling return.


        HOWEVER, since then, whenever I run in the cold (below 30 F) for a distance (over 45-60 minutes) I often lose feeling again. (Even though my toes don't FEEL cold...just numb.) I don't worry about it much, feeling always comes back anywhere from 2-4 days. Not sure if you've had history of getting your toes cold too, but that could be it.

          Have had one or more toes go numb name times, the feeling always comes back.  It seems to be related to shoes are to tight(most common), toes to cold or nerve issues. Anyway, I would not worry and continue on.

            Your shoes were probably tied too tight! You were cutting off the circulation.  Loosen up and run again!

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