Training for an Ultra (Beginners Guide) (Read 621 times)

    Hi there Bit of a query for some of the experienced ultra-runners out there (Lynn et al). A group of us are entering a 100km team event in April '07 in Taupo New Zealand (www.oxfamtrailwalker.org.nz). It's a bit of a variation on a straight ultra-marathon in that you compete as a team of four running/walking together throughout. This event was developed by the Nepalese Gurkha's as a mechanism for training their Army and Gurkha teams are very competitive in most of the international 100km team events that are run today. I was wondering whether you could refer me to some good resources for training programmes for beginners. I'm completely in the dark as to how one would go about preparing for something like this in terms of weekly mileage, structure of training programme etc and would really appreciate your advice. We're all reasonably fit people but only one of us has a run a marathon, and one a half marathon. If a similar question has been addressed elsewhere please feel free to refer me to previous posts. Cheers in advance Simon
      Hi Simon, Try this: http://www.ultrunr.com/ Tom Smile