User Group - new group identificaiton. (Read 594 times)


    Hi Eric, I sift through the User Groups every now and again and I thought it might be beneficial if the NEW Groups popped out from the other existing User Groups in the Directory listing. Maybe you could flag a new User Group with the word "NEW" beside the title ... and/or sort the new User Groups to the top of the list for a week/month and then drop them down into the alphabatized sort ... and/or put a "Date Started" under the User Group name ... Thanks! Smile
      You mean you don't memorize all the groups like I do? Big grin Having some way to indicating new groups is not a bad idea. However, sorting them requires a lot more work on my part and I don't know how much impact that will have for everyone. I like your idea of having the word "New" next to new groups so I'll do that. Thanks for the suggestion!

        I noticed you updated the User Groups main page with a new "Latest Groups" section. Very nice Eric! Big grin Thank you!