Sub 3 Group on Facebook (Read 228 times)


    I just got the invitation from Rachel for the new Facebook sub 3 group -- it went out to about 67 people. I'm not much of a Facebook fan, and I think it would be great to get that group over here.


    Did anyone else get the invite?


    If you you did -- we all need to contact Rachel and let her know about RA and how wonderful it is. There are some nice folks there.

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      She came in.  I made one, singular ONE joke about how we don't report users here and we are nice... she posted a reply and has not been back. 




      So if she says that this place sucks, that's on me. 


      Anyway, there's been a sub3 group here since forever.  So yall have fun with whatever you choose.  Just remember, there's a fairly active community of runners here already.


        RA has had an active annual sub-3 group. Check it out.


        I imagine the 2013 thread will start up any day now.

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