Should I just run right away every morning? (Read 417 times)

Doc, my tooth hurts

    For me it's a necessity. There is no way I'm getting a run done on the days I work after work. I wouldn't be starting until like 7pm or later and usually don't have the energy to do it.  More than that I don't sleep well when I run that late at night even if it's 5 miles, let alone something like 13 miles.


    My morning routine

    1)set alarm anywhere from 450-545 depending on how far I have to run, which can be from 4-15 miles.

    2)get up

    3)a couple drinks of water, probably 8-10oz total, some raisins to eat usually.

    4)check the weather

    5)running clothes and gear on

    6)maybe sit around waiting to use restroom


    8)out the door.

    9)back by about 7 or so and get ready for work and out the door at 730am


    Luckily for me if I need to use the bathroom on the course, there are a couple porta potties that are set up all year round.


    I like getting up and running every morning and usually say to myself "I'm getting up and doing this because it won't get done otherwise." I actually find it harder to get motivated on weekends since I can get up and not have to be anywhere right away.  I will just make it a point to go to bed earlier most nights since it's a good routine to get in to. Yes I would love to stay up and watch some TV show or sports, but that's why there is DVR.  I just don't see the point of staying up just to stay up unless I'm doing something productive and/or social.


      find some friends to meet up with to run! it helps so much. I meet up with friends 4 mornings a week. so many days i don't want to get out of bed, but i do bc it's fun to hang out with them in the mornings while we run. Smile

        I do it in the morning, even though I'm not a morning person. I enjoy having to yield to vehicles and large groups of people even less than I like mornings, so do just do it. I have a bit of caffeine to clear my head and my digestive system, start hydrating, and go outside. I enjoy feeling that I have the world to myself. </delusions of grandeur>


        Team TJ

          I wake up at 4:30am five times a week to run.  I only allow myself one "snooze" and then I have to get up.


          I do drink one small glass of water before I leave to run but don't eat anything.


          For me, the morning is my time to run.  I do not enjoy the evening running, don't know why...I just don't.  Whatever you do, make a plan for yourself and stick to it.

          Running for TJ because he can't.