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    Home made applesauce with Christmas morning brunch is usually awesome, but as my father is getting quite elderly his cinnamon taste buds seem to be fading and he's got the cinnamon factor up to 11 to compensate....so beyond a polite bite or two, the applesauce is not a good choice lately.  On the other hand, the cranberry sauce (which even when it is store-bought jelly-in-a-can-thing, is indeed still called 'sauce'...did you know that?  I did not until the other day) was excellent with the pork pie. There was also a new horseradish sauce that appeared at this year's Christmas dinner for the roast beast...it was superb.


    I think the horseradish sauce was this year's #1 awesome sauce. Yes indeed, the horseradish sauce.

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      I marinated chicken in miso teriyaki sauce all Christmas day but did not (yet) cook it.  It will likely be awesome.


      My dad lost all of his sense of taste over the past 5ish years and amped up the salt on everything he made by 10000%.  We had to stop him from cooking for this and other more serious reasons.  Then, a few weeks ago, he had his 3rd heart attack and was told to cut all salt from his diet.  Dear lord, please don't let him try to cook when we aren't looking.


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        DH's grandpa was famous for his applesauce...I think I'm the only one who didn't find it so awesome.  He'd add at least 2-3x the sugar necessary, so it was essentially lumpy apple-flavored syrup. Dead

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