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    Anyone know a company that makes large-extra large running hats. All the usual brands (Nike, Adidas, Hind, etc.) that I've tried don't fit my fat head (7-3/4) and I can't find anything online.
      don't fit my fat head (7-3/4)
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        I found a hat company for big heads on the web... The Big Hat Store... http://www.bighatstore.com/ I'm in heaven! Now I have several lids for my fat head. I've also found I really like running wearing a hat. It keeps the sweat and hair off my face, blocks the sun, and lets me look down and hide my face so others can't see me gassing out on hard runs. Big grin

          Excellent! I'm glad you solved your problem (we obviously weren't a great deal of help here)! And thanks for posting your find... I have a "skinny head", but I'll keep the link in mind for runner-friends of your 'variety'. Big grin
            For what it's worth, another great, cheap, but both unorthodox and arguably unattractive option is just to stop cutting your hair. After 15 years of Marine Corps haircuts, about 9 months ago I just quit going to the barber. I'm a frickin' hippie now. I hate it. (Can you guess who's idea this was?) But I did discover that my ears stay warm now. I'm one of those folks that always gets cold extremeties - I wear gloves when it hits 45, and usually have to wear a hat. The other day, when it was just above freezing, my ears stayed toasty warm thanks to my new status as a hippy. Just a thought. If you don't mind looking like Shaggy.
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              Jake - that's a riot! Welcome (back?) to the 60's! My hair is usually pretty long since I never seem to find the time for a haircut and that's probably one reason I have trouble finding hats that fit. My hair was so long just before the last haircut that a colleague asked me if I was trying to grow a mullet. That was painful and I got the haircut asap. Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair, shinin', gleamin', streamin', flaxen, waxen...