anybody's kid have sever's disease? (Read 68 times)

Best Present Ever

    My 9 your old son has been complaining of heel pain for about a month,and was given that dx last week.  The recommendation was to use a gel heel cup, ice it for 20 minutes after sports, lay off it if it hurts too much, and eventually it  will go away.  Avoid NSAIDS so he won't push through the pain.   The problem is that I can't really get a very athletic and extremely active kid to rest his foot!  He's a pretty stoic kid. I often see him hopping around trying to avoid putting pressure on his heel, though, and he complains about it as he's going to sleep (I think it really aches at the end of the day, even though he's resting in bed).  He swims competitively, and I don't think that exacerbates it much (though he has skipped certain kicking drills -- apparently dolphin kick hurts it).  Soccer is starting, and that's obviously a problem.  But so is recess!  and being home jumping around the house! and going outside to play!  Will his heel just have to hurt for a few months?  Anyone do anything special to make it go away faster?