Starting a Running Group..? (Read 96 times)

    Have you ever started a running group?


    Was considering starting a track speed session running group.


    If you have, how did you go about it? I assume I would just begin a meetup group...?


    I'm not certain about when the local college track would be free, seems pretty wide open summer evenings... when I've gone.


    Wondering if it would be more work stress than it's worth, or maybe I can keep it loose, like hey show up if you want to join me...


    Also my plan would be mostly 400s and 1000s, etc.. not sure if some runners could do their own thing.


    Had this thought after a local speed group workout was going to be 4x12mins at medium effort...? didn't seem exactly like speed work IMO, maybe that would be more for the marathoners, but as I'm really focusing on the 5k and 1 mile in my mind...400s and 1000s sound more my taste.


    any tips suggestions would be appreciated.


    I suppose I could start a group and just do my thing, if anyone wanted to join in they could.




    Thought I could even contact the local running store, as many of these have their own runs random nights of the week, could be tricky finding the perfect night, and not stepping on toes. Pun Intended! haha.

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      For whatever reason, some hobby joggers associate speed work with unconscionable pain and avoid it like the plague despite the fact that they truly want to get faster. Therefore, if you want to attract as many participants as possible, you would probably abstain from listing paces and instead just list the workout and let each person decide what pace or effort they want to run them at. On the other hand, devising aggressive workouts around pace would attract the more serious crowd. The problem with that though is those runners are most likely content with doing speed work on their own, so you have somewhat of a quandary on your hands.


      But to the core question, group speed work sessions are a thing (at least in my area they are), so there might be something there.


      Are we there, yet?

        All the group track workouts I've run have been with a previously established running club.  One thing to consider is that while an individual or two or three people working out on a school track may be overlooked, having a real group regularly working out may require school permission and may even mean paying a small fee.

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          Maybe I'll keep an eye on the local running club speed workouts, and then on the uninteresting days do my own thing...


          if those seem lackluster maybe I'll try to get my own thing going.

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