Minimum Time Between Doubles (Read 321 times)

    Doubles work like that for me, too.  If they are both easy runs, the second will feel easier and be faster.


    The first one is always easy because I am too much a morning zombie to do a workout before work.

    "When a person trains once, nothing happens. When a person forces himself to do a thing a hundred or a thousand times, then he certainly has developed in more ways than physical. Is it raining? That doesn't matter. Am I tired? That doesn't matter, either. Then willpower will be no problem." 
    Emil Zatopek

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      That's the opposite of my experience. My seconds runs are nearly always EASIER, not tougher.


      The first run is generally a bit slower at a bit higher hr and higher exertion level. The second one is the one that usually "flows" much better.


      My second run is tougher, but no more than pm runs are always tougher for me, even if it's the only run of the day.


      When I was doing doubles consistently I would run 9 am and 6 pm because it wa when I could get the childcare. I never put more thought into it than that.