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    I do many of my runs on a Treadmill.  How do I get the workout log to reflect this?  The dropdown has only "no equipment" as an option.  There is no TM option.


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      I made a TM  route under Courses.

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        You could setup a workout "Type", or use a route called "Treadmill".  I use the Route = Treadmil option so that I keep the workout type (easy, interval, etc) regardless of whether I ran that type of workout on the road or the treadmill.

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          Thanks, that should work.  I wasn't sure if I was missing something.


            I have a treadmill "Course" for tm runs. I even have "treadmill" and "treadmill at home" separated so that I can eventually track the number of mile I've put in to my tm (as opposed to hotels/gym tm's)

              I too use the course field to denote treadmill.  Specifically, I have a "Treadmill (1% incline)" course and "Treadmill (2% incline)" course because somebody on the internet named Strings sent me this link once:  http://www.hillrunner.com/training/tmillchart.php