Running after a groin injury (Read 212 times)


    I've been out a little more than a week now with a groin strain. The pain has gotten mcuh, much better, and now I only feel a slight pull when bending down or widening my legs. I can feel a bit of discomfort sometimes when I walk, but it is not severe. The pain has localized to my upper groin/pubic area. However, do I have to wait until the pain is completely gone to begin running again, or can I run now, even with a bit of pain? I'm eighteen years old, if that makes any difference (perhaps regarding resilience/quickness coming back from injury?). I'm worried because track starts in a week.

      I don't see any reason to run with pain, you're only hurting yourself in the long run by risking making the injury worse. Give it another week. Runners often have weak hip/groin areas. Improving your general strength will help you run more with less injury. I just cured myself (halleluja!) through some localized long term groin pain by doing a lot of the exercises in this vid a few times a week. http://youtu.be/yXpK3bF9UlA