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    I scanned through about 3 pages and didnt find a thread about chosing a treadmill..


    Looking to buy one after Christmas. Will likely do about 20 miles a week on it normally, more when the weather is really terrible. My DW will likely use it for walking or light jogging--not as frequently as me.


    What's the consensus on best brand, etc..Dont care so much about all the bells and whistles--although my wife may like all the extras--with the virtual maps, etc.. Want one that will hold up, mainly. And can I get a dependable one in the 1200-1500 dollar range?

      I'd check Treadmill Reviews: http://www.treadmillreviews.net/


      In general, I'll just say that you get what you pay for. 


      I had a Sole,but for fear of it breaking down, I recently gave it to my inlaws, and I bought a Landice. Mine gets used a lot by me and my son. 

        Another recent Landice owner. Bought it about 10 days ago and enjoying it so far. In my research I learned the following:

        1. Runners should at lest go for a Treadmill with 3 HP or above, which would cost at least 1200+. Remember, some treadmills show higher HP but they don't give that much power at our typical running speeds. You will feel it in your test runs

        2. Sole and Smooth seemed to have nice ratings but on RA and other places, many runners said the treadmills died in 3-5 years

        3. Anything sold by icon fitness tends to get poor customer service ratings. This includes quite a few brands. Look up at iconfitness.com

        4. The cheaper treadmills are all made in China (what isn't). I was looking for a better quality treadmill so I was left with Precor and Landice

        5. Treadmills between $1200 and $2000 seemed to focus more on bells and whistles than the quality of the equipment. For example, nordictrack C2150 is full of features and you can get it in less than $2000 but I had the worst test run on it than any other I tried. It's shock absorption is horrible (may be it would even hurt your knees in the long run). Frankly I am a non-believer in shock absorption. There is no research to suggest that the vertical movement in the shock absorption is not counterproductive to your knees

        6. Many treadmills with many software features (iFit etc.) tend to have poor software controlling their console. As a result two things can happen: The treadmill won't start if the console is broken and/or you will end up generating many service calls and replacing console many times. A good company will provide good service but the equipment becomes unusable while you are waiting for the console... AFG is an exception. You can update the software using a USB stick. I don't know how well that works. If you want to spend around $1500, AFG may not be a bad choice. I had a good test run experience on it but I don't know anything about AFG beyond that

        7. Precor is also a good choice but the two cheapest models are made in China and there must be a reason why they were recently able to drop the price so much. However, I must note that my test run on Precor 9.23 and 9.27 was even better than AFG. Had I not bought Landice, I would have bought Precor 9.2x ($1500 to $2000) or 9.3x ($3000+)

        8. I settled on Landice because of the test run experience, quality, made in USA (98%+ parts that is), longetivity and warranty (life time on everything including wear items). Plus, I was able to get 2 additional years of in home service from the dealer. Also, I saw many YouTube videos of Landice owners who have been using it for 10+ years (confirmation of longetivity)


        I am not advertising Landice. It's just that I know more about it because I recently researched and bought it. You can also consider craigslist. I saw some pretty good deals in my area. My recommendation would be to go for a commercial, Precor or Landice if you buy it from craigslist. That way you know the treadmill will last longer if it's in working condition. Another alternative is to buy remanufactured treadmill from zoostores.com or a dealer near you. You get commercial quality treadmill for less than full price (not necessarily cheaper).


        Hope this helps. Good luck

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          You'd have to ask mbehr or Candice S what I recommended to them just off some internet reviews...same basic question..they both bought them and have had them for awhile now.


          Don't buy a Sole unless it will get relatively light usage.  Mine is less than 4 years old and I am on my third deck and second belt.  Also replaced the Start button.  If the lube runs dry -- which it did both times in less miles than it is supposed to -- the deck surface overheats and cracks.  I will say their customer service has provided replacement parts free of charge, the last deck out of warranty as the prior one only went a year.


          It also used to go 12mph but will no longer go over 11mph.  They are clueless as to what could be wrong or how to fix it, a new speed sensor and calibration did nothing.

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            +1 on the Landice, they are know as the best and I think have a lifetime warranty, they are not cheap


            I got a good deal on a heavy duty True that I like, but it is more then you want to spend.


            Consumer Report mostly rates the Sole treadmills and other fold ups as the best in the price range.  Make sure to test run.  How much the treadmill shakes should tell you if it is good or not

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              I bought a Livestrong 13.0T from Dick's for $1099 and the end of October. Two weeks later the console died. Johnson, the company that makes the Livestrong products, did a good job of getting it fixed in a timely manner. So, although I have some reservations because of my initial problem with the console, I have around 90 miles on it now and overall I'm pretty happy with it. It's definitely not in the same class of treadmills as something like the Landice or True, but if it holds up it should serve my needs.

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                I've had the Bowflex 5 for about three years with no problems, Consumer Reports liked the Bowflex 7. Single piece of advice get a continuous horsepower motor of  2.5 or greater.

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