12 Marathons in 2012 (Read 255 times)


    I set out to run a marathon a month in 2012.  There are a lot of folks on this site who run FAR more than that, but I think for most it's a pretty cool accomplishment.  I feel great about it.  Prior to 2012 I'd raced about 15 or 20 marathons + ultras over the years so I wasn't a total novice at the distance.


    Anyway, long story short, I did it, and it got easier each month.  I started with a hilly trail race in Jan 2012: 2nd place overall after getting lost and running more than 28 miles. A good start to the year.  I  planned to race all of the monthly marathons, but it quickly became a logistical problem finding close ones, when I wanted to do them, and with no travel.  I decided I'd just run the distance on my own.


    During a few of the early runs I had company for 10 or 12 miles.  Eventually it was just me finding a spare chunk of time on a weekend and squeezing it in before the month ran out.


    I ran at a comfortable but fun pace (not race pace, but I did not slack off).  Eventually I found I could bang them out easily with no soreness the next day (no backwards walking down the stairs like I used to get post-marathon).  Over time, they just became another fun run.


    I just barely squeezed in my 12th in Dec before my twins (Olive and Alex) were born (12/12/12) so you can imagine my mileage has decreased drastically.  But I got it in while I could and I feel pretty decent about that accomplishment.


    Jan 7th:  Wachung Trail Marathon, NJ:  Hilly 28.4 miles; 4:20

    Feb 17: Brooklyn + Coney Island: 27.1 miles; 3:54

    Mar 25th: Prospect Park + general Brooklyn: 26.33; 3:29

    April 29th: Brooklyn into Manhattan, to Central Park, jumped into a race then ran most of the way home: 26.6; 3:28

    May 27th: Sunset Park and Greenwood Cemetery and out to very humid Brighton Beach: 26.2; 3:56

    June 23rd: Prospect Park out to the very windy Brooklyn Marina and back: 26.2; 3:46

    July 22nd:  Ironman Lake Placid (walked much of this): 26.2; 5:34 + straight to med tent.  IVs are great! (seriously).

    Aug 25th: Brooklyn to Manhattan up to Geo Washington Bridge + back.  Miserably hot and humid: 27: 4:20

    Sept 23rd: Best feeling to date: BK to Central Park, joining 18 mile ING Tune-Up race: 27; 3:30 (first neg-split ever)

    Oct 7th:  Effortless Brooklyn +Prospect Park to TriBeCa: 26.2; 3:22 (neg split -maybe it's the way to go after all)

    Nov 4th:  ING Marathon cancelled, ran in Central Park: 26.2; 3:18 (stated strong, park too congested for sub 3 goal).

    Dec 4th: SoHo to Central Park, then down West Side Highway -ran at night after work: 26.2; 3:35

    Dec 12th: Twins Born. Marathons are easy in comparison and a lot less tiring.


    Bring on the double stroller for 2013 races!

    HTFU?  Why not!

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      Congratulations on the twins!!!   ....now for some counseling for the marathon a month craziness, will your insurance cover?   Big grin


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        One of the more interesting aspects about your experience is that you could run this distance in a reasonable time without having the very familiar quad soreness.  Amazing what we can get used to.  Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your children!



          Congratulations on both your runs and the arrival of the twins!


          Agreed, after doing the distance enough times you don't see nearly as much DOMS as novices do.


            Congratulations on the twins and meeting your race goal.  I bet you're tired.  Smile

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              Congratulations! 2012 was a heck of a year for you!