Favorite base layer/long underwear? (Read 513 times)

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    I recently picked up a pair of Cuddle Duds Sport pants on a really good sale (I think about 40% off--they are normally pretty $$). I REALLY like these! Previously I had worn a couple of other types of lightweight base layer pants, but neither was very stretchy or slippery enough for an outer layer to not "stick" to them, so it made striding (even with my pathetically short strides) difficult. These Cuddle Duds wick well, stretch, keep me warm, and I forget I'm wearing them. Nice. Smile Are there any other base layer products (particularly pants) that you have found to work well? k

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      Hey! Where'd you get those on sale at? You and I have got to keep each other posted of the sales! Wink Actually, last I was out, i was shopping for my son, so I haven't looked for them lately. Cuddl Duds are what I wear on top & bottom unless it's really cold, then I switch to the Under Armour cold gear top with my Sporthill tights (kinda loose tights)- they're level 3 or something like that...windproof and for freezing temps. Really work well! Got the tights @ Endurance Sports & Under Armour @ MC Sports.