Request-Shoe Log on cross training activities (Read 607 times)

    Eric, Thanks so much for providing us a place to go when CR changed! It would be nice to log the shoe miles on my cross training activities. I sometimes will hike/walk in my trail runners and would like to keep track of the miles.


      I could be wrong, but I believe that he said that he has already implemented that in the new version that is coming w/the GPS upgrades.

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        I'm also interested in this. I have my log preference, primary workout, set to Bike. I sometimes track tires to compare wear patterns. A dropdown on the "bike entry" to select what I would like to track would be nice. The list would include all the items I'm tracking, ie shoes, tires, cycle trainers, etc. so no matter which type of entry I'm making, be it bike, run, bike trainer, I would always have this dropdown to track items. Right now I'm adding tire mileage to the "Initial Mileage:" after each ride to track tire miles. Run To Win, forgive me if this is actually included in the "GPS upgrade". I confess I didn't do a lot of searching before posting. Roll eyes
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