Garmin F305 Cadence/Speed auto upload? (Read 654 times)


    Any chance of having the cadence/speed auto sync for us cyclists? Love the website, it's just fantastic. Thanks!

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      I second this.  It would be great to see cadence. Speed you can already see, so I'm not sure what you mean. When I go over to the graphs tab, I can see cadence in there as an option, but I would love to have it as a field I could see in the workout as well as in the intervals.  Thanks!

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        I'm using a speed/cadence sensor on my bike with my Garmin. I'd love to see average cadence overall and in my splits, especially as I start to do trainer workouts. I know it's somewhat available in graphs. Perhaps the data field would be good for footpod cadence use too. Here's an example.

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          I'd like this, too, though I don't think my cadence differs all that much, except for really hilly routes or on my mtn. bike.  Then I vary a lot more from my typical ~90rpm on steady state road rides.

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            Any news on this? Would love to have this, too. Using a Garmin FR 60 with the GSC-10 speed/cadence sensor.

              I'll add it this fall when I revamp the training log.